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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Dark angels and the lure to the Red Squad

Posted by on in Spirituality
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There is a battle being fought today, and while it is the age-old battle between what some perceive as good and evil, I like to view it in a different light. When we believe dichotomies such as good and evil exist, we are not aligned with Spirit. Since there is no spot where God is not – there cannot be a “good” team, because “good” implies there is a “bad” team, when indeed there is only God.

In my previous post, “Good versus evil in a different light” I shared that the stakes are high in an ongoing conflict. On one side of the issue is the Purple Squad, which consists of those individuals who may be known as the Lightworkers, those resonating at higher vibrations such as love, joy or harmony. Members of this team not only resonate at a high frequency, they are fed by high vibrational acts of others. If someone spreads love in a Purple Squad member’s presence, the purple being is nurtured by it. If another expresses joy, they are fueled by it. The Lightworker’s strength is amplified by a high vibration diet – that is, the vibrations of others when they exude love, light, peace, joy, wisdom, harmony, creativity, joy and others.

There are two other teams involved in this battle. The team on the opposite side of the spectrum is the Red Squad and consists of those being drawn to and fed by lower vibrations. These individuals may be nicknamed the dark forces or even dark angels.  Then there are those on the third team, where the majority of humanity lay. Those individuals are undecided or uncommitted to either side and they represent the Rainbow Squad.


Dark angels and the lure to the Red Squad


For simplicity sake let’s assume humanity is not born with “purple” or “red” DNA which predestines an individual to a specific team.

Members of the Red Squad may have gone through years of indoctrination into this club which could have begun with simple acts of what some perceive as minor negativity. Our energy can easily shift from one side of the light spectrum to the other. The Red Squad consists of individuals who resonate and feed on lower vibrations, like fear, shame, anger, jealousy, hatred, or prejudice to name a few. These individuals’ energy-prints generally do not resonate with Purple Squad members. Since “like attracts like,” members of the Red Squad attract individuals or situations of lower vibrations.


While we may think our life does not resonate from with the Red Squad (or vice versa), people’s energy can shift from one extreme to another. Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • Have you been around those who participate in the gossip mill? While you may initially scorn at those involved, as time goes on you may find yourself taking pleasure by dropping a rumor here or there. Once you start, its difficult stopping, isn’t it?
  • Or, have you been in a situation where you’ve wanted to give someone a piece of your mind? Over and over, you play your argument in your head. By the time you have the actual encounter, you’ve become so worked up over it – you’ve made a mountain out of a molehill.
  • Perhaps you have one of those, he done me wrong stories. Doesn’t it feel better when you tell your stories? Then you tell them again, and again, and again. With each retell you seem to take a bit more pleasure in your tale. This makes it difficult to stop sharing your stories.

Let’s face it – who hasn’t experienced any of these situations? While they may seem harmless individually, if we don’t shift our thinking, they can lead to lower energy behaviors. In any of these cases, our energy vibration slips a bit and we’re at risk of a snowball effect. Since our thoughts while participating in these seemingly harmless circumstances are not positive, through the Law of Attraction we start drawing to us less constructive situations and individuals with more negative dispositions. Eventually we will find ourselves feeding off the negative energy of others and enjoying it. Our taste buds change and we begin to crave lower vibrations.  Our own negativity starts feeding those we encounter, so now rather than spreading bright light – we’re casting shadows. This becomes a bad habit, one not easily broken.

I am not suggesting that if lower vibration emotions or situations come up you should disregard them. On the contrary, they’re coming up for a reason. Feel them, experience it and move on.

  • Next time you catch yourself contributing to the gossip mill, pat yourself on the back – because you noticed it. Take no pleasure from it – move on and don’t get drawn into the drama.
  • If you find yourself rehearsing telling someone off in your mind, wait 24-hours before you speak with them and see if your attitude about the situation changes.
  • When someone has done you wrong and you’re angry or hurt, feel it. If necessary, give yourself permission to tell your story three times – then move on. Never tell it your story again.

There is a risk of falling prey to lower vibrations like anger, fear or shame. The risk is the snowball effect.  When our appetites change and we begin to crave lower vibrations, we may find ourselves sitting on the Red Squad's bench casting shadows. Once we’re on the bench and part of a team it’s more difficult to break a habit, and we may be tempted to try out for a first string position.                                                                                                                                                                                    

In my upcoming post, I’ll explore the Rainbow Squad, the team feeling the heat from both sides. 


Photo: NOAA

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Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and author of "Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles."


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