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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Good versus evil in a different light

Posted by on in Spirituality
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NEWS FLASH! There is a battle being fought on this planet today, though to truly understand who is fighting and what is at stake we need to understand the motivations between three teams. If you haven’t noticed there are two opposing groups which are strengthening, while their fate is in the hands of a third team.

Some have referred to these teams as “the good,” “the bad” and “the undecided.” Others may say, “The light,” “the darkness” or “the uncommitted.” Since there is no place where God is not, I’d like to believe there is no darkness, just various shades of light. Using that rational, I thought I’d refer to the teams as the Purple, Red and Rainbow Squads, because all teams represent varying spectra of light, and no matter which team you play on - all are one with God.

We each have a natural inclination to gravitate toward a specific polar team, i.e. a team on one side of the light spectrum - the Purple or Red Squad. While we gravitate toward one side there are many who suffer from commitment issues and remain unattached. Then there are others who oscillate between the Purple and Red agendas. In either of these cases those individuals would be members of the Rainbow Squad.

What directs us toward a specific team depends on our own energy – or our energy-print. In “Can diet impact the Law of Attraction?” I shared the concept of “like attracts like.” I also shared that people have the ability to change the frequency they resonate at. If we are inherently good, we draw good to us. If we are sending out love – we will receive it in return. A person who is loving, generous and kind will have a higher energy vibration and will draw to them people and situations with similar frequencies. A person who exudes this higher vibration is inclined to gravitate toward the Purple Squad.

The Purple Squad

People who resonate with higher frequencies such as love, joy, peace, wholeness or harmony are commonly thought of as members of the Purple Squad and perhaps have been referred to as lightworkers, healers, intuitives, starseeds or even wayshowers. These individuals thrive on the higher vibrational feelings and emotions. Love, light joy, gratitude – all higher vibrational feelings fuel them.

Additionally, as they choose to love - they feed others with light food and their higher vibration impacts all they encounter. Perhaps their influence may come to others as a form of inspiration, love, creativity, joy, peace, or wisdom.

Have you noticed the empowering feeling when gathering in groups of like or light-minded individuals? When I go to writers conferences I always feel my creative energy regenerated. If I am taking a spirituality class I feel a shift in the way I think and feel. The more I experience those higher frequency emotions – the more I desire them. It’s somewhat addictive and those frequencies become our source of nutrition – our nourishment – metaphorically, our food.

Whereas, when a Purple Squad member interacts with a Red Squad member, it is unlikely that either individual will nourish the other. It is unlikely that either party will feel refreshed or recharged while being in the other’s presence. It is more likely that they will feel drained. Both team members are on different diets, and the opposing party’s vibration does not satisfy the other’s needs and rather than being nourished, they feel depleted.

There is a battle going on today. Perhaps you’ve heard about the shift taking place, which involves the spiritual evolution of humankind. We are all here today to play a pivotal role in this development of humankind’s spirituality. It is the interest of Purple Squad to raise the frequency of the planet, while the Red Squad desires to suppress it. Who will feel the most impact of this battle? You'll be surprised.
Everyone has a role to play in the exciting time. Do you know what your role is?

I’ll continue this discussion in Age-Old Battle: Dark angels and the lure to the Red Squad, about those who feed off of the lower frequency energies.  I hope you come back for the next segment.

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Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and author of "Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles."


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