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Friday, October 20, 2017

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What is consciousness? | What is consciousness revolution?

Posted by on in Spirituality
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Before any evolution, there is revolution. We are in the midst of a spiritual revolution, a consciousness war between parties.  Additionally, within many there is an internal consciousness revolution taking place.   On a fundamental level, it raises a very simple question - what is consciousness and what is this internal consciousness revolution?

In “Good versus evil in a different light,”I touched upon this consciousness warfare which boils down to those striving to raise the consciousness of our planet while others try to suppress it, along with a large faction watching this all play out and waiting to choose teams.

Consciousness is awareness, the degree in which we awaken to our surroundings on a spiritual level.  Many are realizing there’s something beyond their three-dimensional lives.  They are waking up, becoming aware of a shift in consciousness, aware that something huge is taking place and seeking ways to contribute in this spiritual evolution.  They’re searching for purpose in life, releasing sacred gifts and finding comfort and fulfillment in areas that had not previously inspired them. They’re finding that understanding their connection with Spirit is more important than increasing their financial well being.   

Not everyone has arrived at this destination, however.  Many are feeling unsettled and can’t put their finger on what’s bothering them.  They may feel like they’re missing the boat in life, or running out of time.  Some are questioning their purpose and value in life, not because they have no value – but because they do and it’s not being used.  They’re valuable on many levels, except if you are not doing what you have come here to do in this consciousness shift – all the accomplishments in the world will feel shallow.   

To many, these feelings of being lost often trigger them to turn inward and begin a life-changing spiritual journey.  There are others however, who can’t see it and spiral into depression or struggle with addiction.  Once in a downward spiral, it’s difficult to grasp onto anything. Those who successfully emerge from such struggles know that the answers are not outside, but within.  By turning inward, and being still, people are discovering their divinity and what emerges is a gift of new life. 

The unsettledness many are currently experiencing is a wakeup call. The Universe is  prompting us to remember why we have come here.  It’s Spirit’s way of encouraging that we open to our part in this paradigm shift.  The turmoil can be a catalyst to turn inward, to find the answers there and as many awaken globally, the consciousness of the planet shifts.

While this world may appear to be falling apart, with financial systems tumbling, children starving, rampart riots, natural disasters striking, wars raging, it’s hardly the time to fall into worry and fear. 

It is a time to be grateful for what we have, and for being

It is not the time to buy into the circumstances and surrender. Horrific situations bring out the best in people, as it causes them to turn inward, where they discover and release their gifts, and reach out to those in need and raise consciousness. 

We’re all spiritual beings and every one of us made the decision to live now!  It’s perhaps the most influential time in humankinds’ history, the gestation of humanity’s spiritual shift. 

Every one of us has a role and a part to play in the spiritual revolution and evolution of humanity.   Do you know your role?  Do you remember why you came here?

The time is now.

Photo: Mark Coldren


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Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and author of "Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles."


  • Guest
    Linda Hack Thursday, 25 August 2011

    I first became interested in this awhile after I had an experience where I was compelled to pick up a pencil and draw images unseen in my mind. What I ended up with was a collection of artwork that helped me deal with a tragic time and a uniquely spiritual experience that I want to share with others. I think at least for now that this is my part to play.

  • Guest
    Doug Snedden Thursday, 05 January 2012

    There is nothing known more intimately than conscious experience but there is nothing harder to explain than the thoughts that make us aware of consciousness. Consciousness is more than information and the brain; the very expansion of the universe generates information that enters consciousness. Consciousness is a form of energy essential to all existence. It is a nonphysical energy of infinite magnitude and it is unique in its capacity to change one pattern of existence into another pattern of existence. Where there is an organized state of existence there is an interchange of consciousness. Consciousness enables ordered states of existence to understand other states of existence. Consciousness is awareness of existence, universal and essential to existence, but it does not create existence. To have consciousness there must be existence. To have existence there must be consciousness. Human consciousness is the basic nature of one's being. It is an awareness of oneself as a fundamentally conscious being. When consciousness emerges, it emerges simultaneously inside space-time and outside space-time to form and awaken the human genius within us. As conscious beings, we are simultaneously emerging from profound forces that emanate from many levels of consciousness which operate over different time frames and span patterns that are both individual and collective in nature and expression. This multidimensional union links human consciousness and cosmic consciousness with metaphysical form and physical form to create a window of reality between worlds. It allows us to personally experience and share the world of nature and the world of the metaphysical as illuminated beings in the openness of a shared reality.

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