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Friday, October 20, 2017

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You hold the key to our spiritual evolution

Posted by on in Spirituality
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A battle between two parties.  

Stakes are high.  

A third party holds the key to the spiritual evolution of the planet.

Our world is changing quickly before our eyes. On one hand there is war, famine, disease, hatred, bigotry.  There’s also a large faction spreading fear – in "Dark angels and the lure" I dubbed this group the Red Squad.  On the other hand, many are diving into their spirituality, releasing sacred gifts and trying to light the way.  In “Good versus evil in a different light,” I introduced the Purple Squad as those light-minded individuals, lightworkers desiring to raise the consciousness of the planet.  This group consists of people who feel called to make a difference in the world and are working to fulfill their life’s purpose.

There is a third party involved; those individuals in the Rainbow Squad.  It is this group which holds the key to our spiritual evolution, or “the shift.”

The Rainbow Squad

The group feeling the most impact from the battle between the Red and Purple teams is the Rainbow Squad. This team consists of individuals who do not identify with either of the other two parties.  Perhaps they are undecided, or they aren’t interested in getting involved, or they haven’t a clue what’s at stake so they’re not engaged. Members of this team may also be tired of feeling the fallout from this battle, but it is the Rainbow Squad which is the deciding factor in the evolution of the humankind’s spirituality.

These people may find that they fluctuate from being drawn to higher frequencies then to lower frequencies, or vice versa. Their feelings and behaviors may be largely influenced by the company they keep, the media they watch or listen to, or feelings and emotions of those individuals around them.

No matter what team we play on, we often feel like sponges, because we’re sensitive beings and we absorb the energy that is around us. When we surround ourselves with love, we amplify our own loving feelings and elevate our frequency. Likewise when we hang with deeply negative people, or find ourselves sucked into watching violent entertainment, or even the news, we may find ourselves oddly taking pleasure in watching violence and our frequency is lowered.

I remember on September 11, 2001, getting caught up in the horrific events from that day. Who didn’t? I couldn’t get enough of the news. I was glued to the television shocked by the events that morning. Through the course of that day, I realized that I needed to watch more. It was as if my diet had changed and I needed to watch the horrifying events. With each passing moment my emotions and corresponding frequency changed from joy for being, to shock from the news, to fear of what was next. In fact, the vibration of the planet changed that day as the world watched in terror.

The squads want you!

Those individuals who haven’t joined a team are recognized by Purple and Red team members as prime candidates to recruit. This is why those undecided individuals are being urged from both sides. They may feel like they’re being pressured to join teams.

It would be unfair and a bit ignorant to deny that both the Red and the Purple Squads objectives are the same. As harsh as it may seem, it would appear that both teams want to eliminate the food source or nutrition of their opposition. If you are being energized by high energy thoughts of love, harmony, abundance, joy and so on, you crave those frequencies and ponder the possibility of living in a world of love, gratitude, peace and assurance, or living in a world without low energy frequencies.

Likewise, a Red Squad member can be sickened by the lack of negativity and the presence of individuals with superficial Pollyanna attitudes. Think about it, if your food source is anger, despair, hatred bigotry, shame, and you are faced with the sudden absence of violent video games or movies, or not being permitted to watch the evening news, or not being around anyone who exudes low vibration energies, you may become agitated, perhaps even suffer from withdrawal.

While this may appear to be a simplistic approach, perhaps the solution to our spiritual evolution is not starving the opposing team members, but affecting a change in the diet of the team. In this case, members of the Rainbow Squad, those who have varying energy diets hold an important key. They know the solution. The Rainbow Squad shows that people can vary their food-energy source and survive, because many of them have chosen teams and have become lightworkers, or shadow casters. While other Rainbow members remain uncommitted, they know the key to adapting to a new energy diet. They hold the solution.

Perhaps you’ve heard about “the shift” taking place. This shift is the spiritual evolution of humankind. This shift is the transformation of the planet’s food source – the frequency of the planet. Each of us plays a pivotal role in this development of humankind’s spirituality. It isn’t an accident that you are here today at this time. Your presence is needed.

It is the interest of Purple Squad to raise the frequency of the planet, while the Red Squad desires to suppress it. The deciding vote and the team which holds the secret to this evolution is the Rainbow Squad.


 Perhaps you may be interested in other ways your diet can impact your life in "Can diet impact the Law of Attraction?"

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Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and author of "Lifesigns: Tapping the Power of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Miracles."


  • Guest
    cslsv Thursday, 19 April 2012

    Center for Spiritual Living can open all closed doors for you and can lead you to a new world which is full of peace and harmony. Find a new person inside you to overcome your evils and errors with a free mind. Come and let yourself free in the spiritual world of happiness and integrity.

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  • Alex Marcoux
    Alex Marcoux Monday, 23 April 2012

    Center for Spiritual Living - yes. I am very familiar with the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Namaste.

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