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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Paranormal Thriller Book | Masons 33rd Degree | Conspiracy Theories

A Matter of Degrees is like no other lesbian fiction! This paranormal thriller book explores conspiracy theories, a secret society, the Masons 33rd Degree, the Sumarians and much more. It is no wonder that Lisa Gardner, New York Times #1 bestselling author calls it "A rollercoaster ride of suspense," while other critics suggest it "trumps The DaVinci Code."

A Matter of Degrees

Lesbian Fiction Paranormal Thriller Freemasonry

Genre: suspense thriller, paranormal mystery, lesbian fiction, thrillers, speculative fiction

When Jessie Mercer's brother is murdered, she launches a no holds barred investigation but the clues dead-end at a male secret society. Resorting to extreme measures she dresses in drag and infiltrates the all-male world of Masons only to learn the answers lie in the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Unknown to Jessie, in a previous life she failed to expose Freemasonry's royal secret. Can she reveal the truth about her brother's death and Freemasonry this time around?

A Matter of Degrees takes the story of world control by secret societies and the Catholic Church to a whole new level.

Conspiracy theories ... Think you've heard them all?

 Think again ...




Conspiracy Theories Paranormal

"Every reader of supernatural or paranormal will be instantly enthralled in this FAST-PACED, ROMANTIC DRAMA THAT WILL LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS and yearning for more. Alex Marcoux's well developed and fascinating characters will keep readers on the edge of their seats and eagerly anticipating when next they'll meet. Brava to a wonderful writing talent!"

—Linda Kay Silva, three-time award winning author, Across Time Series, Echo Branson Series

"Fans of Marcoux's other books will welcome the return of Jessie Mercer and her lover, Taylor Andrews, from Back to Salem and mentions of Sidney and Anastasia from Façades. In addition, the Freemasons, the Sumerians, the Catholic Church, the Trilateral Commission, and other secret societies are all players in this WELL-RESEARCHED THRILLER."

— Books to Watch Out For

"Thrilling ... One of the BEST NOVELS I've read in a long time!"

— Laura Placeres, Darker Side of the Moon

"A Matter of Degrees by Alex Marcoux crosses literary boundaries the same way that it crosses centuries, nations, and time and space itself. Marcoux skillfully weaves ancient tales of the mystery religion of ancient Egypt into the present day mystery, yet carefully conceals how the two interrelate until the very end. The tale is FILLED WITH TWISTS AND TURNS, and the revelations at the end should surprise even the most jaded mystery reader. . . . A HEART-THUMPING RIDE through Jessie's world as she searches for her brother's killer and finds much more than she bargained for. This page-turner WILL FULFILL THE FONDEST WISHES OF THOSE WHO LIKE A NICE THICK, MEATY, MYSTERY READ."

— Anna Furtado, East Bay Voice,

"In A Matter of Degrees, author Alex Marcoux—who has been called the "lesbian Dan Brown"— trumps The Da Vinci Code because she doesn't just take on the Vatican and the Sacred Feminine, but builds on the anti-Biblical and the seemingly interconnected world of fraternal organizations, including the oldest and largest: the Freemasons... Marcoux does a brilliant job of snagging even the most reluctant reader in the intrigue, in ancient myths and history, in the grand-conspiracy theory of world control that, even after nearly 300 pages, you hate to have her wrap up."

— JoAnne Myers, Inside Out Hudson Valley

"FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT and prepare for a wild ride. In A Matter of Degrees, Alex Marcoux has brilliantly twisted religion, Freemasonry, reincarnation, and Egyptian mysticism into a rollercoaster ride of suspense. Think you know what will happen next? Think again!"

—Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of Fear Nothing and Touch & Go

"Mix a little Dan Brown conspiracy with a little Philip K. Dick sci-fi and what do you get? A Matter of Degrees, the new blockbuster mystery thriller by Alex Marcoux! Weaving A GENRE-BENDING TALE OF CONSPIRACY, COVER-UPS, AND MURDER, Marcoux returns to the game with beloved characters from her earlier novels Façades and Back to Salem, bringing them together in an explosive mix of spine-tingling action! A Matter of Degrees IS AN OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD READ and SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!"

—Sherry L. Stinson (

"A multilayered story of intertwining lives and loves. . . . FAST-PACED AND SUSPENSEFUL, this novel will sweep you into an exciting world of conflict and intrigue and the ultimate conspiracy."

—Robin D. Owens, PRISM and RITA award winner; author of Heart Book Series

"Alex Marcoux is a rare writer. She can weave AN ENGROSSING, EXCITING, AND ROMANTIC TALE THAT LEAVES YOU TOTALLY SATISFIED and wondering when the next book will be written. This is a compelling story and Alex is a welcome voice in the literary world."

—Kris Radish, bestselling author of A Grand Day to Get LostTuesday Night Miracles, Hearts on a String

"If you were drawn into the contemplation of ancient secrets and the societies who still guard them today by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, GO ONE STEP FURTHER and infiltrate one of those societies, the Freemasons, in Alex Marcoux's vividly imagined new novel. Moreover, for those who like suspense meted out by strong women, THERE ARE HEROINES HERE WITH COURAGE TO SEND CHILLS UP YOUR SPINE-AND TO BREAK YOUR HEART."

—Lynn Vannucci, Author of Coyote and Revolution in the Garden

"I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN! . . . A riveting look at the Freemasons and conspiracy theories with a paranormal twist—a must-read for any Dan Brown devotee. This book is for anyone who ever wondered what happened behind the closed doors of a secret, all-male society, and for anyone captivated by strong women who aren't afraid of operating outside of the box."

—Christine Goff, two-time Willa Literary Award Finalist; Author of the Birdwatcher's Mystery Series


Author Alex Marcoux answers questions relating to her new lesbian suspense book, A Matter of Degrees from Bella Books. She admits that this is not typical lesbian fiction and in a candid interview discusses Freemasonry, the royal secret, Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and much more. Check out the interview.


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A Matter of Degrees

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